Aerial Cinematography

A new and dynamic perspective on low altitude photography

Remotely piloted aircraft (drones), capable of flying in a wide range of environments that their big brothers can't... Day and Night.


From Cinema-ready heavy-lift drones, carrying cameras such as our own Arri Alexa Mini, Sony F55 or Red Dragon, to smaller lightweight packages we have a solution for every environment & budget.


Our experienced Aerial D0P's and Camera Operators have credits spanning major feature films, commercials, drama & documentaries, world-wide. All of our pilots have at least four years experience and are fully qualified and independently assessed on a regular basis.


Flying Pictures operate a large fleet of 8 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Octocopters). Each one specified, commissioned and maintained in-house by our skilled technical team. Our fleet of aircraft enable us to carry multiple, identical specification airframes and gimbals meeting all production insurance conditions.


We're proud of our 100% Safety Record: Keeping it is our number one priority, all flight operations adhere to UK sUAS regulations, and our CAA Permission for Aerial Work (CAA ID: 257).  We have Public Liability Insurance of £10 million, through Alan Chapman & James Insurance and our procedures have been independently vetted for Health & Safety competency by 1st Option Media Safety.


We are often asked what are the legal capabilities of our aircraft and pilots, below are a summery of what our CAA Permission for Aerial Work covers:


  • Maximum Altitude: 400ft (120m)
  • Maximum visual line of sight from Pilot: 500m
  • Day and Night aerial operations
  • Maximum combined aircraft mass: 20Kg


Please contact us for more information, our fully qualified and experienced pilots will answer your questions.


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