Smooth camera moves from anywhere

Selected for the ultimate in flexibility, Flying Picture's Movi M15 and Ronin XL mounts offer high performance stabilisation, designed specifically for feature film, commercials and television production. Unlike most rental kits, our packages include a comprehensive list of accessories including on-board monitors, camera power leads, follow focus and more. Our in-house Operators and Technicians are highly skilled and experienced.


Our lightweight Gimbals are compatible with our full range of camera platforms including: Aerials, Car Mounts & Cable Cam. We also offer an exclusive in-house designed quick-release mounting system for Cranes & Jibs, including our in-house 14ft Telescopic Crane, plus Technocrane and MovieBird systems.


We also offer a wide range of additional accessories, including the Advanced Movi Controller, Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels, Vibration Isolators and our Movi-Crane.

Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

(compatible with Movi, Ronin and third party systems)

Freefly Advanced Movi Controller

(compatible with Freefly Systems Movi Rigs)

Assorted Isolation Mounts

(compatible with Movi, Ronin and thrid party systems)


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